Paradox strives to create a store of value system, where your funds are backed by real physical Silver, thus creating intrinsic value. Governed by the community to fuel long-term sustainability and vision, it is a paradox that such a thing can exist in the current economic climate.



1% - reflections

0% - ecosystem


1% - reflections

0% - ecosystem


2% - reflections

0% - ecosystem


immutable at 0%

ownership renounced

The amount of stored values will be displayed live on the website, this feature will become available once the roadmap reaches the Silver fund stage, so don't be concerned if the values are currently not showing. Additionally, the Silver creation fund is an approximation and will be based on the development of the community and the future progress of the project.

Days from official launch
Days from token creation
Days until Silver fund creation
- Silver Fractional Reserve
main features

Commodity Collateral

Paradox will be backed initially in Silver, future ramifications of collateral will be possible

BSC Network

Started on the Binance Smart Chain, choosing security and stability over anything else

Fixed Supply

Our max supply will always be 4,700,000,047, nr. 47 is the atomic number of Silver


Your tokens multiply in your wallet, just by holding, a carbon neutral form of "mining"


Paradox will never stop evolving, it will explore limitless paths in getting real intrinsic value


Time is on the side of Paradox since the collateral selected will only go up in value

Release timetable
Current Distribution

This section is regularly updated, tokens that are not locked or controlled are considered community tokens, we strive to reach a goal of 85% community decentralization in a span of 10-15 years. The logistics behind the project will feed on the 7% silver fund kickstarter and 7% development funds. The Reserve, comprising 15%, will be fortified with a tangible backing in real silver. A comprehensive exposition of the detailed implementation of this strategic initiative will be articulated in subsequent iterations of the Paradox whitepaper.



    Development & Marketing








Silver fund



By employing a fractional reserve of silver, the token aims to provide an intrinsic value while also being infinitely scalable, overcoming the restrictions of conventional physical assets.

Paradox will keep reflections forever, as a means to reward long term position holding and a way to “Transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient”.

  • Transfer taxes are subject to change
  • Dev tax has been set to 0 after whitepaper v3.0

Governance of the Paradox will be given to the community with some control mechanisms in place to not lose sight of the core values of the project.

The Silver fund is not intended to manipulate the price of Paradox, nor will the Silver holdings ever be sold to purchase Paradox. Its primary goal is to provide Paradox with intrinsic value.

The "burn" function is implemented in the contract but: “Silver is a very unreactive metal and in its natural state in solid form, it is not at all flammable nor is it considered to be combustible.” So... no.


Token creation and finalization of ecosystem done

Final testing and internal distribution done

Marketing setup and development started Q4 2023

First external distributions done

Setting up the swap environment 2022-2023

Strategic partners and exchange listings 2022-2026

Silver fund creation and deployment 2024-2026

Roadmap will be updated with proximity checkpoints as soon as they come into focus


Robert Beke


Sebastian Rotar


Mihai Gherman


Daniel Gavriloaie